Company Profile


Green Man Software Ltd is an independent software company based near Oxford, specialising in life-science applications.

Our products and services are designed to stimulate interest and increase knowledge of the natural environment.

Understanding our Environment

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The UK's truly wild places are being eroded at an alarming rate, sometimes before we fully understand how such ecosystems work.

Whilst many 'natural' areas are managed successfully, some species and habitats still present a challenge to conservation. In the longer-term a significant number of our species are in decline, often for reasons we can only guess.

Exploiting technology


The natural environment is extraordinarily complex - in fact the more we learn about it, the more bewildering it can seem.

Computers and the internet are powerful tools for presenting diverse concepts in a comprehensible manner, and provide an ideal framework for learning about natural systems.

Green Man Software Ltd specialises in ground-breaking projects in Natural Sciences, drawing on an extensive pool of environmental and IT experience and combining a variety of new technologies to increase understanding and awareness.

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