31 May 2016.
No problems reported for FieldNotes on Windows 10

Our userbase report that FieldNotes works as normal on all versions of Windows 10. Database interactions continue to be fast, and all functionality is maintained on the latest version of Windows operating system without requirement for patches or add-ons.


20 February 2015.
FieldNotes passes 64-bit acceptance tests

FieldNotes has been successfully migrated from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows versions. Our tests show that FieldNotes operates without any problems on 64-bit Window 7 and Windows 8. The forward-compatibility of the software shows an excellent stability to Windows upgrades, and indicates that the FieldNotes will require little or no adaptation to run on Windows 10.


13 May 2014.
FieldNotes v1.1 (update) released

FieldNotes v1.1 is the first software update to be released, mainly improving the user interface and eliminating several reported problems.
In particular, the changes adress:

Please view the relevant release notes for further details.

4 March 2014.
FieldNotes free for schools, colleges and universities

We have recently reviewed the licensing options for FieldNotes, allowing it to be used in schools for nature-based learning activities free of charge.
Colleges and universities will also benefit from the change, which is in response to significant interest from conservation-based modules.

Licensing terms and fees are available at:



1 October 2013.
Android Interface for FieldNotes added to pipeline

In response to a large number of requests, we will be adding an Android interface to FieldNotes recording software over the next few months. The initial 'App' will allow wildlife observations to be uploaded directly from your Android device, and should be compatible with any Android version since around 2010 (Android 1.6 SDK or later).

We are keen to involve a wide cross-section of the recording community in the development process. There are very few criteria for participation:

No technical knowledge required!

If you would like to have a say in the development of FieldNotes on mobile devices, or just have an interest in beta-testing an early version of the FieldNotes Android App, please provide your email address with a brief statement of interest via the GMS contact page.

31 May 2013.
FieldNotes recording software goes live!

Following some very positive feedback to the pre-release software, Green Man Software is pleased to announce the first general release of FieldNotes recording software (FieldNotes v1.0).
FieldNotes is currently available as a fully-functional shareware version (60-day free trial), and may be obtained from our website or from a number of software download sites.
See http://www.fieldnotes.co.uk/ for more information and download sites.

10 January 2013.
GMS circulates pre-release FieldNotes to LRCs

Green Man Software is supplying a pre-release version of FieldNotes recording software to all GB Local Records Centres (LRCs), to allow evaluation of the data-exchange functionality.
FieldNotes actively encourages data transfer to recording 'hubs' by a number of mechanisms, in particular by employing a data-exchange 'wizard' to simplify the selection of appropriate records.

4 January 2013.
FieldNotes user-testing marked complete

Green Man Software is pleased to announce that FieldNotes user testing phase is now complete. We have received some very positive feedback from initial testing; the intuitive form layout and map interface received particular praise, whilst the low number of software faults was also commented upon.


1 March 2012. FieldNotes software goes beta
FieldNotes wildlife recording software entered a new developmental phase today as in-house testing was marked complete and the software entered limited user testing.
Initially a small number of Wildlife Recorders will participate in putting the software through its paces, whilst focusing on different groups of species.
FieldNotes will be generally available early next year.

1 Feb 2012. FieldNotes Licensing Changes
Starting 1st February 2012 bespoke licences for our FieldNotes recording software will be gradually replaced with generic licences allowing access to broader functionality. Existing licences will continue to be recognised until they expire; instructions for using the new Licence Renewal codes are provided with the software.

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