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The complexity of natural systems has sometimes led to a perceptable division between academics/ researchers (who may use specialist methods and esoteric-sounding classification systems), and 'amateur' naturalists (who generally possess a wealth of field-based knowledge).

FieldNotes successfully reconciles both viewpoints by progressively introducing users to different aspects of wildlife recording, from casual what/when/where observations to various site classification systems and structured approaches to surveying. FieldNotes offers a huge range of exciting features, including:

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UK Species website

UK Species

The UK Species website is a free online resource for dis-ambiguating (clarifying) common and scientific names for the UK's fauna, flora and fungi.

The UK Species Inventory includes probably the largest single compilation of alternative common names for UK species, as well as many recent changes to scientific (latin) names and taxonomy. The database allows exact and imprecise (fuzzy) searching and provides detailed taxonomic information, status and links to relevant resources.

MIrel database

MIrel database

Biological data has a number of characteristics that make efficient storage difficult; consider, for example, the non-unique nature of many common and some scientific species names (eg. Eyebright; Pipistrellus pipistrellus) and higher level taxa (eg. Pieris), alternative spellings and punctuation (eg. Saint Peters Keys, St. Peter's Keys; Coccinella quinquepunctata, C. 5-punctata), and the constant revision of taxonomic status, involving changes in both phylogeny and nomenclature.

Our MIrel (Multiple-Index relational) database has been specifically designed for optimal storage of Biological records. It is capable of storing millions of data records efficiently in relational tables, and supports a wide range of data formats including whole documents, images and maps. The database is written in modular C, a high-level language providing fast database input, searching and data access.

Static Data and Library resource modules

Static Data / Library Resources

In a world of interconnected computers, peripheral devices and remote storage media, secure distribution of static data and library resources is a common underlying requirement.

Green Man Software's Static Data Resource (SDR) and Static Library Resource (SLR) modules provide a robust (internally consistent), secure (incomplete encryption), efficient (compressed access) and machine-independent means of deploying both binary data and formatted record libraries to remote applications.

Data and Images for downloading

Green Man Software

Certain datasets and materials (particularly images) arising from projects we have undertaken in the past are not sensitive to publication, and potentially of interest to naturalists or students.

Where possible we provide such data and images freely (for non-commercial applications) to registered users of our software, on condition that their source is clearly acknowledged.

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