The most versatile Wildlife Recording software available today

FieldNotes provides a unique, step-by-step introduction to Wildlife recording,
an intuitive workflow and all the information you need to explore your local environment.


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FieldNotes is an exciting new concept in wildlife recording, offering a vast range of resources to develop your interest in the natural environment, and actively encouraging information-sharing with biodiversity projects and organisations.

State-of-the-art features include:

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  • flexible, experience-based interface
  • automated report / webpage generation
  • publication-quality OpenGL™ map display
  • simple data-export to recording organisations
  • extensive underlying databases
  • species- and taxon-based searches
  • versatile mapping tools
  • introductory tutorials
  • context-sensitive help
  • and much more ...

FieldNotes' step-by-step introduction to modern wildlife and environment recording methods allows you to create and share detailed wildlife observations quickly and easily - whether you live in remote countryside or the heart of the city.

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Why Record Wildlife?

Global warming, changing land use and many other factors are affecting our environment ever more significantly. How can we decide which places, animals or plants need particular attention or protection? It is only through comparing records of where, when and how many individuals have been seen that can we begin to piece together a comprehensive picture of our biodiversity ... [more]