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We are currently offering a 60-day no obligation free-trial for FieldNotes software (no credit card details required).

The evaluation version is fully functional throughout the trial period, allowing you to explore all features and check that its exactly what you need!

Before downloading FieldNotes software ...

Please note that the installation file is around 70Mb in size and will require a reasonably high-speed (broadband) internet connection. If you use a dialup connection to access the internet we suggest that you request FieldNotes software on a CD or other media.

Download Sites:

The FieldNotes installation file is currently available from any of the software download sites listed below. These sites are regularly scanned by internet security companies and considered free from malware, viruses etc.

Website / page linkNotes
Green Man Software Ltd
Our own website - downloads may be slow at times, but are guaranteed free from bundled software.

Commercial download site.
Fast, clean download - no additional software. Recommended.

CNET is a fast commercial download site, however it actively promotes installation of additional software (online games, utility software) and advertising filters on your computer. We advise you to read download instructions carefully and;
  • decline installation of additional software (usually offered first);
  • choose 'custom installation'
  • uncheck browser filters or toolbar options.

Status: pending

FieldNotes installation package can be found on a number of other software repositories on the web. These sites either use their own setup package to install additional software, are associated with malware or have been highlighted as a security risk and for these reasons are not recommended here.

If you experience problems downloading the software, please contact us at with full details.

Alternatively request your FieldNotes software on a CD.

Installation tutorial

Installing FieldNotes is a remarkably quick and easy process. Infact you can quite safely ignore all inputs - the default options will provide a perfectly good software installation on your computer.

And if you feel you need it, there is (of course) a comprehensive tutorial to guide you through the installation process.

Any other questions you have about the installation or software are likely to be covered by the Product FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) list, or contact us at the email address given above.

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Scan the extensive features list or check the product description to compare capabilities.
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Check our FAQ for requirements, or read the


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