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Software description:


Whether you are an experienced naturalist or just getting started, FieldNotes is an exciting new concept in wildlife recording, offering a vast range of resources to develop your interest in the natural environment and actively encouraging information-sharing with other projects and organisations.

FieldNotes provides a step-by-step introduction to wildlife and environmental recording methods by combining intuitive observation and site description forms with a unique experience-based interface, encouraging you to work at the level of detail that you are comfortable with. The data-input forms are supported by a selection of tools and extensive underlying species and environmental data-sets, allowing you to quickly check relevant information to support your observations. The clear work-flow encourages you to add greater depth to your data by including photographs, diagrams and even map-feature datasets.

FieldNotes' fully-featured mapping interface uses OpenGL graphics to create publication-quality maps, whilst the straight-forward report-creation tools allow you to publish your findings as a single document or set of linked web-pages. The versatile data-sharing tools allow you to share selected subsets of your data with local and national recording schemes, using fully-automated data-transfer methods where possible. A large number of additional features and tools are integrated into the workflow to ensure that your time is spent in the field and not behind a computer!

Context-sensitive help, a range of introductory tutorials, example files and online user manual ensure that you will lose no time compiling your own database of observations - whether you live in the heart of the city or remote countryside.

System requirements:

Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000 / ME / 98/ 95.

A graphics card that supports OpenGL (almost all computers have this).

Licence details:

FieldNotes uses a subscription-type licence, costing less than £15 per year for individuals and families. Licensing options are described on the FieldNotes website (

The application is currently available as shareware with a 60-day free trial (during which time it's fully functional), allowing you to explore its full potential before buying.

Supplier details:

Green Man Software Ltd

FieldNotes is developed by Green Man Software Ltd (

The software may be downloaded from the FieldNotes website, and is also available on CD.

Online resources / support:

The FieldNotes website ( contains a list of Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ) about the product, extensive online user documentation (help, tutorials, answers), and various other online resources.

Email-support is also available via the website.

Technical requirements:

FieldNotes does not require any specialised technical knowledge or third-party applications to set up and use. The only additional software you'll need is a web-browser (like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) to view the user documentation.

The software is exceptionally easy to install and setup - the default options will provide a perfectly good software installation on your computer, and there are (of course) detailed tutorials to guide you through the process.

The user interface has been described as "very straight-forward to use", and includes wizards to guide you through more complex processes. The software comes complete with comprehensive context-sensitive help and a set of introductory tutorials to guarantee you a flying start!

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